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Welcome to the official site of
Nabard Combat System


Created by Master Marco Safakhoo, Nabard is a strategy which, informed by the scientific understanding of biomechanics, formulates transitions between movements and takes full advantage of the human body’s ability to adapt. Nabard’s basis is human potential, not techniques, and, therefore, the limits of Nabard reside in the practitioner’s personal limitations; the art in application is restricted only by the individual. Conceptually, the art offers a rich framework that is inexhaustible, for it is designed to showcase, celebrate, and be a testament to the human body’s potential.

In Nabard, specific techniques are merely the delivery system for Nabard’s concepts and are taught so that they may be variably expressed to meet the demands of diverse situations. For example, Nabard techniques are taught as being interchangeable so one can respond to numerous opponents attacking from any angle in any circumstance.

The concept of Nabard is a concept of survival, and as such, dismisses rules as constraints on action which run counter to the objective to survive. Nabard teaches one to act on instinct, outside the restrictions of artificial, pre-specified structures. Hence, Nabard is a functional combat art, and as such it emphasizes techniques which are economical and results-based. Techniques have no intrinsic value—they are not learned for their own sake; they are precision-instruments designed to achieve a specific aim. For example, if the aim is to subdue one’s opponent, movements—be they strikes or blocks—should be executed with the maximum force within the shortest time possible with absolute accuracy. Hence, Nabard prepares its practitioners for real combat situations. It is neither performance art nor is it intended for sport-fighting.

The emphasis on maximizing potential entails an associated emphasis on conditioning to develop a physique capable of performing techniques properly and seamlessly transitioning between techniques with fluid and economical movements. Through rigorous conditioning and sparring scenarios set up to mimic actual combat situations, practitioners discover through both observation and experience their potential and their individual limitations to be surpassed.


Originating in Persia, Nabard was brought to the United States in 1983 by its creator Master Safakhoo. Since that time Nabard has continued to evolve into a respectable effective martial art through Master Safakhoo's dedicated research, passion, and experience. Within the content of this website can be found a wealth of information pertaining to the history, philosophy, and training techniques of Nabard.

All content is delivered honestly and openly without gimmicks or sales tactics and is contributed by the dedicated practitioners of Nabard. It is here, with sincere humility that we share our intricate martial art with those who choose to embrace it.

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