Though Nabard is a martial art, its training concentrates on health and self defense. Nabard utilizes every muscle and joint and offers body sculpting and cardiovascular conditioning. Nabard's method of training offers indisputable health benefits such as: greater range of motion, faster reflexes, increased stamina, improved flexibility, and reduced stress; all of which result in longevity.

While increasing well-being, Nabard employs Master Safakhoo's survival strategies to prepare students for real life situations.

Nabard offers optional supplemental training features such as sparring, weapons, meditation, and Log Training- Safakhoo's patent pending work-out regimen.

Sparring employs partners and special reality-simulating equipment which Safakhoo designed for Nabard. Weapons are taught as extensions of the human body to emphasize acute coordination and maneuverability.

If you are a beginner with no martial arts experience, you will discover during Safakhoo’s training that you have increased flexibility, strength, accuracy, and quicker reflexes. Each aspect of Nabard training is designed to give you a better understanding of and greater capability to perform the self defense moves.

Among Nabard's students are experienced martial artists from various styles. If you are an instructor of martial arts or have experience in martial arts training, you will be interested to know that Safakhoo teaches advanced training which will challenge your current capability and understanding in the combative arts.

To enhance your experience in Nabard, Safakhoo provides a spacious indoor/outdoor facility with a variety of tools and martial arts equipment. Nabard's academy features a beautiful outdoor meditation garden available to those who wish to exercise meditation. Throughout the school there are instructors and assistant instructors available to guide you through the information you are experiencing.

Safakhoo, creator of Nabard, oversees each class personally and is available to answer any questions you may have in regard to your experience in Nabard. The class schedule is flexible to accommodate your time and lifestyle. Training starts everyday at 5:30am until 9:00pm and group or private classes are available for your convenience.

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