Walking With Safakhoo
It's this place, Grandmaster Safakhoo
Where we gather in all respect, in all seriousness 
To struggle on the concrete, wrestling with elements
Of time, steel, fear, fatigue
In the fierce exchange of weakness for endurance
And pain for strength.
It’s this place where discipline of body
lengthens to discipline of life. 
It’s this art you gave us, Grandmaster, Nabard,
the way of combat, that sparks our dedication. 
You teach us to fight fear with skill, to make 
The transformation of aggression to right action. 
It’s what you know, Grandmaster, and we your students
The knowledge no observer would expect: 
That in the snap of a kick;
Sure footsteps on hard earth
In the ragged breathing of the sparring ring
Warrior discipline lies waiting. 
The smallest sound of training is a sound of prophecy 
Like the small claw scratch from the dragon’s egg.
Written by: Will Walker

Quitter's Creed

By John Ward

I am lonely and misunderstood
though my reasons are all sound and good.
I tried my best at the things to do, 
that were hard for me, but easy for you.
When goals were set and tasks begun
I was always the slowest one. 
I tried my best, but progressed slow
while other always were best in show. 
"You have a gift, an advantage 
being able to make it on your own." 
I haven't been so fortunate
I need a mom, a dad or someone to lean on.
"You gave up!", you'd shout and rant
when you completed what I can't. 
They don’t see what I've been through,
--how hard it is when you are new. 
So I would quit in mid-stream: 
"Sorry guys, I must leave the team.
It's been fun and I'd love to stay 
but some thing’s come up and is in the way.
I see golden opportunities here and there 
seems to be hard work for success. 
  The effort I won't give
small jobs to get me by instead. 
Being responsible for one’s only success.
is a heavy burden that causes stress. 
So, I’d feel relief so fresh and strong—
it’d overwhelm the sense of wrong.
When the funds are low, 
and the debts are high
I find some reason,
some short term quick fix that gets me by. 
Someday I’ll come and resume the work 
when things are better It’s a commitment made,
it’s on my list and when I get to it, 
I’ll persist! 
I wish my past could make me proud 
but its hidden by the cloud
of jobs I’ve quit or left undone, 
each encountered one by one. 
The future is where my pride will be—
the things I’ll do and what I’ll be—
when I’m more able and in my prime—
tomorrow when I have more time. 
Tomorrow! Yes, but not today—
just too many things in the way... 
I am lonely and misunderstood
though my reasons are all sound and good.



















The Torch of Home


Nabard awoke with a foundation of strength-
My strength has found a home there.
Strength gains through a willful process- 
My will has found a home there. 

My spirit was ever seeking a guide- 
Grandmaster was simply biding his time- 
Until my vitality could endure the undertaking- 
Like a patient parent he’d been waiting.

He shone brilliantly- 
Opening a world to me-
With subtle tones of power and silence - 
Introducing the body to brilliant curves of muscle-
Waxing fluid without boundaries. 

So it is by virtue of an unconquerable force-
Grandmaster’s lamplight is shone-
So from all over the world- 
His students can come home.

Written by: Nickie Holston / Medic


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