Safakhoo's Inventions

In his 35 years of teaching, Master Safakhoo has contributed innovative solutions to the specific fitness needs of martial artists.

Safakhoo's inventions include the Universal Training Device (UTD), the Triflex stretching device, Log Training, and numerous improvements upon traditional martial-art training devices.

Many of his inventions have enjoyed years of successful employ as the preferred devices of Nabard practitioners, and his latest achievement, Log Training, is quickly becoming a fitness sensation.

Log Training

Log Training, Safakhoo's most valuable contribution to the fitness world, utilizes several patent-pending devices called Log Training Devices (LTD's). The unique LTD's when combined with Safakhoo's revolutionary lifting methods, create an intense yet uncomplicated fitness routine never before seen.

Log Training is a fitness regimen which utilizes unique equipment designed by Safakhoo for martial athletes of  any discipline. Equipment features off-center handles  to increase difficulty levels and is designed to be maneuverable beyond the capacity of traditional barbells and dumbbells. The accompanying exercise routines mimic martial art movements common in all martial art disciplines.


The UTD (Universal Training Device)

The Universal Training Dummy or UTD was created by Grandmaster Safakhoo to enhance the skill of its user by forcing one to exercise strategic creativity as well as hone one’s physical combat skills. The UTD serves as a three-dimensional visual aid which assists students in conceptualizing the application of the combat strategies devised by Safakhoo. Involving all angles as opposed to unilateral training, Safakhoo’s octopus training concepts allow one to practice all of the movements required in combat including: flanking, turning, and dodging in a continuous and circular manner.

As an original concept belonging to Safakhoo, the UTD is designed to enhance a student’s overall learning experience in the art of Nabard.By offering this creative three-dimensional device as opposed to traditional one dimensional wooden-dummy models, Safakhoo has revolutionized sparring training in martial arts.

The Triflex Stretching Device

Among the many unique stretches and devices designed by Safakhoo, is the Nabard Triflex. Safakhoo created the Triflex in 1983, as a means by which his students could achieve maximum flexibility. The Nabard Triflex is designed to use the body weight of the practitioner to increase strength and maximize flexibility simultaneously.

With proper use, this device is considered safe for individuals with ankle, knee, and hip problems, as a modification to the traditional “floor” split method. However, it is recommended to seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor prior to performing this or any exercise.

Consistent use will result in extreme flexibility of the leg muscles. Achieving an advanced level of flexibility enables the practitioner to more easily visualize, comprehend, and execute the strategies in Nabard. As with any exercise device depicted here, the user assumes all risk and responsibility.

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