Safakhoo's Quotes

“Knowledge is not the reason for success but knowledge application; Just as knowing is not understanding, Hearing is not listening, and Looking is not seeing. Application, listening and seeing are the differences between knowing and understanding."

"Nabard does not present itself as a dogma nor as a model to be followed, it merely suggests how to think rather than what to think."

“When your very existence is put to test; remember you beat the odds a million to one just by being born. You were born a winner."

“When tradition meets innovation; History is made."

“Be no one but yourself; stand alone with no fear."

“The difference between one person and another lies largely in his use of discipline"

“If when we are young we learn, and with age, we understand; why then do we spend most of our lives struggling with solutions?"

“Ones with discipline make the rules. discipline is inevitable: it is either self-imposed or externally forced"

“One can only have power over others to the extent which one has power over oneself.”

“A strength ungarded becomes the weakness most obvious."

"Nabard is the understanding that life is the enigmatic experience of growth through discovery of self."

"The first lesson in life is learning to learn."

“The wheels of growth are turned by the power of discipline.”

“Research inspires experience. Experience inspires imagination. Imagination inspires creation.”

We are what we do; not what we wish. Success has a price not everyone is willing to pay.”  

"A conditional path inhibits unconditional achievement."

"Fear is projected onto the present by memory. Control is the way our ego solves the problem of fear."

“Discipline of body becomes discipline of life.”

“Base your identity on who you are now- not who you once were.”

"Nabard is an experience which begins on the physical level and gradually deepens to a pervasive philosophy influencing the totality of ones life."

"Rank does not necessarily equate with wisdom. Do not confuse motion with progress."

"One who seeks excellence in martial arts must not only have what it takes, but also the devotion of a Master willing to decipher the scientific template of the art rather than merely its movements."

“A warrior's path begins with free choice and personal responsibility.”

"Visualize yourself as a warrior and a warrior you will become."

“A tragic life is one lived without passion.” 

"There is no change without challenge. There is no challenge without existence. There is no existence without growth."

"Meditation is preparation for action."

"To achieve one must believe in no excuses just results."

"The only constant in life is change. Don't fight it; adapt to it."

"Don't feel useless; you can always be used as a bad example!"

"Rules of nature dominate life. You live with the consequences of your adherence to rules."

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