Fear is Projected onto the fpresent by memory. Control is the way our ego solves the problem of fear.


Train in Master Safakhoo's
Combat Strategies.

Nabard- The Persian Art of Combat, transcends typical martial arts sparring concepts. The distinct combat strategy resembles the ability of the octopus to effectively control its immediate surrounding space; hence the title “Octopus Sparring Strategies.”


The identity of Nabard is based on the five elements of combat: timing, space, strength, agility and accuracy. Mastery of these elements allows the Nabard practitioner to manipulate an opponent by interchanging various blocks, strikes, grabs, and throws. Fluid yet strong, this multifaceted style offers the ability to react and adapt at any angle and to any situation. By constantly flanking and dodging the opponent. The Nabard practitioner uses a “circumnavigational” strategy to manipulate combat.


Fit to fight with Martial Logs


Safakhoo believes training in self-defense without training to spar is reminiscent of a dance: being merely synchronized movements. By assessing one's own potential in martial arts, the person will be able to recognize their weaknesses and acknowledge their learned survival strategies in real life situations. Sparring teaches individuals to anticipate actions and respond effectively. Sparring is a training tool used to lose all fear of facing conflict. Through Nabard sparring we stare our own fear in the eyes and train to battle against our own limitations and weaknesses.


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