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From Safakhoo's Students


As a S.W.A.T. team member and narcotics investigator, I can say from experience that Nabard training has helped me in my profession. Because of what I have learned in Nabard, I feel obligated to encourage other law enforcement officers to join. Grandmaster Safakhoo’s training has made me a more confident and productive officer. I have a great deal of respect for Grandmaster Safakhoo and for what he has taught me.

Tommy Rogers Escambia County Sheriff’s Office


I am a 44 year old mother of 4 daughters ranging from 17, 15, 14, and 9. Until recently I was busy caring for them. Now they are in school and somewhat independent. This was the time I had planned to get back in shape. I tried it all- yoga, weight training, aerobic classes, tennis lessons, etc. I would start out strong, but within a month, I would give up. It was all so dull and boring. My husband David was a student of Master Safakhoo’s. He loved training there and encouraged me to train there also. I resisted. I knew there wasn’t any air conditioning or heat; there were cement floors, few windows and martial art weapons everywhere… not what I had envisioned for myself. I thought I needed the bright lights and gleaming machines; the perfect temperature and a young blond counting in tempo as I struggle to do another sit up. One day, after being particularly disgusted with my lack of motivation, I went to see Master Safakhoo. His passion was contagious. I had no idea this place would be the magic I was looking for. I have only been training here for 6 months, but I love it more as time passes. I feel so much stronger. I know that I have so much to learn and I look forward to it. The people I have met here are special. They are not interested in fancy gyms and stylish work out clothes. They are here to learn how to become stronger, both mentally and physically. For me, this place has become a major highlight in my day. I hate to miss a class and I always look forward to being here. It took me a couple of years, but I have finally found what I have been looking for. I love it here.

Wesley Landa

Months into training with Grandmaster Safakhoo I’m amazed with the results I am seeing with every week! I have lost inches and people are all the time telling me how good I look. Nabard is a way of life for me. I feel more confident should I be put in a dangerous situation. I am also finding myself more aware of my surroundings. I began training with Master in February of 1997. Master has always been inspiring me to continue. I am on the way to reaching my goals through Nabard It is 8/12/07 I started Nabard 2/21/97. Even though I had stopped taking classes for a little while there was always that pull that brought me back. The only exercise I was getting was walking the dog. I would be 69 years old soon and that was really a wake up call. I got on the computer and emailed Master Safakhoo. He really encouraged me to come back and I did miss all the people I had met over the years that were still there and of course Master too. He is a great teacher. I have learned a lot from him, not only Nabard, but also hoe to live a healthy and long life. Nabard is a way of life. It teaches you the strategy of survival and also teaches you respect and discipline so that you can survive in a life and death situation, but also learn to live a healthy and long life. I would recommend Nabard to anyone who has the courage to work on hard concrete floors with no AC and endure pain which in the long run will make you a better person. Every class Master has taught me not only Nabard, but patience, respect, and dedication. I am glad to be back.

Margie Taber

I became curious about martial arts when I read a newspaper article saying Nabard was available for beginners and older people. I plan to live as strongly and actively for as long as I can. Four years ago I received a gift for my birthday for Grandmaster Safakhoo’s classes from my son. That was one of the best gifts I have ever received. Since I began training I feel stronger than ever. Grandmaster Safakhoo supervises my activity and will not allow me to make mistakes that would be harmful to my body. He is an excellent instructor because he is kind and encouraging yet he is firm. He understands my physical and mental capabilities even if I do not. He demands improvement in my performance. I promise you are not too old to train at his school, set new goals and live a healthy life. I would rather exercise than take of pills.

Jean V. Wallace

As parents, we all want to protect our children from any type of physical, mental and emotional abuse. We found security for our daughter Sara (14yrs) in Nabard. Many forms of martial arts will promise that your child will learn self-defense techniques that will prevent them from harm. However, during our research to find the perfect school for Sara, we found that every school that we ran across taught a "glamorized" and "false" teaching of self-defense. Then we discovered. Nabard and were surprised by the difference. Grandmaster Safakhoo has taught our child that pretty kicks and black belts are not real self-defense in the real world. Sara’s physical body has become stronger and her motivation for taking care of herself has increased. We are happy to have Grandmaster Safakhoo available to our child and would encourage any parent to enroll their child in the Nabard Academy. 

Terry and Debbie Helmkamp

My work as an attorney and businessman does not offer much opportunity for exercise. For years I struggled (and lost) the battle to maintain a steady personal exercise routine. I found running, walking bicycling and swimming to be boring and unfulfilling. I have been taking Grandmaster Safakhoo’s training in the 5:30am class for a few months now. He is a dedicated professional and a great teacher. I look forward to each class. I have much more confidence in my ability to effectively respond to a threatening situation. I encourage you to give it a try. 

Mike Perkins Attorney

After moving to Pensacola, I decided to take a self-defense class. I visited all of the schools here and found them all to be unacceptable with the exception of Nabard Academy. It was the only school that didn't seem fake. Some of the other schools didn't offer any kind of physical training, which was apparent by the out of shape physique of the instructors and senior students. I found Nabard Academy to be like no other. Although the Academy's traditional design was a bit intimidating at first, I was absolutely impressed by the overwhelming ability and care Grandmaster Safakhoo demonstrated. He was genuinely concerned and interested in his student’s self-improvement. All activities offered at Nabard Academy are conducted at YOUR capability with the goal of improving ability, not inflating egos or hurting one another. Once I began training, I was amazed by the results I achieved in such a short time. I was suddenly more flexible, faster, and stronger and I had much more endurance than ever before. I became skilled in concentrating on the moment and was more aware of myself in space. I have learned to relax in the face of danger by sparring with students of various levels. My life has improved in every way including professionally. I am fortunate to be a student of Grandmaster Safakhoo's. I have lived in many places such as, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, California and even Japan, and I have never found a place that offers the level of training that Grandmaster Safakhoo provides. I highly encourage everyone to come train with Grandmaster at Nabard Academy. 

James Roberts, FA-18C/E/F Pilot and Instructor

I came to Nabard Academy looking for a change. I was burnt out on my current exercise routine. After training with Grandmaster Safakhoo, I discovered almost right away that his training was anything other than routine. I was challenged beyond my previous boundaries. I have noticed results in everything from muscle tone, agility, speed and flexibility to mental clarity and conditioning. Nabard has renewed my sense of well-being. There is no doubt in my mind that the advances I have made here are a direct result of Grandmaster's skill as a teacher. Without hesitation, I recommend Nabard to anyone regardless of age, sex, or current physical condition. No matter who you are, you WILL benefit from Grandmaster Safakhoo's Nabard Academy.

Clint Davis, Public Defender

When I first started taking Nabard I questioned my capabilities, but I was determined not to give up. I have seen dramatic improvement in my endurance level and in my physical health. I have been working in law enforcement since 1962 and would never believe that at age 60 I could feel as good as I do. I feel that Grandmaster Safakhoo has added years to my life and because of his commitment to me I live a healthier lifestyle.

Major Charles Grant Deputy Sheriff and Operations Commander

When I began looking for a place to learn a martial art I knew I wanted a place that really teaches self-defense. I also wanted to get into shape. These demands all needed to be met within my hectic daily schedule. As a flight surgeon I needed to be capable of defending myself, should I end up in a dangerous situation in a foreign country. After looking at several places I joined Grandmaster Safakhoo’s school. I immediately saw Grandmaster as a gifted instructor and talented physical trainer. He always knows when to push me harder and how to make the most of my limited amount of available time. I also know I have the capability of defending myself should I need to. I highly recommend his school to all military personnel as a strategy of survival.

Dr. Daniel Fulk LT USNR – Flight Surgeon

When I decided to pursue martial arts I visited many schools and met several instructors before making my decision. I saw a lot of students in various schools preoccupied with belt color and not seeming to be focused on the techniques being realistically available in a real life situation. Grandmaster Safakhoo has dispelled the idea that being able to go through the motions will make you a good fighter. Rather than belt color the personal satisfaction I am receiving in the training with Grandmaster Safakhoo is my main motivator resulting in increased health and confidence in my ability to react in a compromising situation. I am a former competitive wrestler with no previous martial arts experience. After a year and a half with Grandmaster Safakhoo I see the increase in my skill and confidence, which helps me to be a well-rounded athlete.

Matthew Zoch US Navy, Civil Engineer

By profession I am an Officer in the United States Navy. As such I have participated in many military training programs, which are designed with efficiency and effectiveness being most important. Throughout my training I have also encountered a vast amount of martial arts instructors. Grandmaster Safakhoo’s methods of training are outstanding on many points. I believe the stress on moving properly and combining strength and coordination in class helps to create the atmosphere of a legitimate martial arts training experience. Military personnel have special needs within the perimeters of self-defense. I am aware of the importance of effective training. Above all the accuracy and competency with which a student executes action is among Grandmaster Safakhoo’s greatest priorities. The sincerity he exhibits is unparalleled by any other instructor I have seen. I believe your satisfaction with this training will equal mine. 

Leonard Hennessy Officer United States Navy

I’m a Coast Guard helicopter pilot. I had been wanting to do something more in my life, but it took losing a close friend that made me open my eyes and realize there is no time to waste. I realized it wasn't that I didn’t have the time but I hadn’t been willing to make the time. Because of my dedication to training in Nabard I found myself awake at four in the morning for Grandmaster Safakhoo’s five a.m. classes. After a few short months I have more energy during the day, I have lost fifteen pounds, and my self-confidence has increased astronomically. Sometimes it is difficult to make the time, but because of the amazing results I am constantly seeing I will not lose my determination. I cannot imagine too many other instructors being so dedicated to their student’s progress, as his attention to every detail to my training is making me more effective as a pilot, as well as positively impacting every other area of my life. Grandmaster has taught me how to relax in any situation along with the art of staying calm while developing much needed coordination. Because I have seen the results of attending Grandmaster’s school I know what I am capable of. I feel anyone can make that discovery about themselves with Grandmaster Safakhoo’s guidance through training. 

John W. Garr LTJG, U.S. Coast Guard

At thirty years old I found myself in unacceptable shape. I’d wanted to take a martial art for many years however I always found an excuse not to do so. My main hesitation was not knowing how to choose a martial arts school with legitimate credentials. Through the course of time and contacts with people I was repeatedly referred to Grandmaster Safakhoo at The Nabard Academy. Finally I had the pleasure of meeting Grandmaster Safakhoo. One of my first impressions of him was his degree of patience. I have been out of shape and uncoordinated. Without a doubt I have been a challenge to train. Yet, Grandmaster has never said a cross word to me nor has he overlooked teaching me. Grandmaster is constantly exhibiting understanding for the challenges I am overcoming. He never loses sight of helping me achieve my goals. In addition to his patience, Grandmaster is a knowledgeable instructor with excellent communication with his students. He tries to understand and listen carefully to each student’s particular needs. Grandmaster Grandmaster Safakhoo takes pride in his reputation as an honest and professional martial arts instructor. He realizes the best way to achieve success is to first achieve it for his students, from whom he only requests positive determination. Because of his commitment I find it quite an honor to be a member of his school.

Edward P. Leech III Corrections Officer

My work as an attorney and businessman does not offer much opportunity for exercise. For years I struggled (and lost) the battle to maintain a steady personal exercise routine. I found running, walking bicycling and swimming to be boring and unfulfilling. I have been taking Grandmaster Safakhoo’s training in the 5:30am class for a few months now. He is a dedicated professional and a great teacher. I look forward to each class. I have much more confidence in my ability to effectively respond to a threatening situation. I encourage you to give it a try.

Mike Perkins Attorney

For many years my fitness regime reflected that of a tri-athlete’s, but I began to look beyond my routine for a different method to keeping fit and reducing stress, the latter being very important with my position in managing area Merrill Lynch offices. During my long time pursuit of wellness I tried martial arts (T’ai Chi), but after years without proper stretching and neglect on my tendons and ligaments I realized I wasn’t in as good a shape as I’d thought. My physician referred me to Grandmaster Safakhoo’s school because it was explained to me the methods of training Grandmaster Safakhoo employees compliment the recovery process. Shortly after joining Grandmaster Safakhoo’s classes I was grateful for the referral because it was obvious his program is designed to make the body and mind work together. Grandmaster targets my weaknesses with consistent attention and we work to build my strengths. My training with Grandmaster Safakhoo shows his competency in working with individuals with varying degrees of injuries. After having major surgery I was concerned about returning to class, but Grandmaster Safakhoo’s experience put me at ease and gave me the confidence to return to my training. He is always conscientious about making sure I train properly. 

Susan Cruz Merrill Lynch Executive

As a martial arts instructor I would like to direct this letter to my peers. The school in which I began training and eventually became an instructor focused mainly on belts and trophy gains. Initially I didn’t realize the gimmicks I was getting into. When I discovered the materialistic drive of the school I felt it caused the actual training to suffer. I am a forty-nine year old Escambia County Corrections Officer, which has increased my need for an effective form of self-defense. I began training with Grandmaster Safakhoo in 2000 as I felt a sense of urgency to enter a sincere martial arts training facility. The first day of training with Grandmaster Safakhoo was remarkable and every class since then has amazed and challenged me on many levels. I was shocked to realize how many other students in his school have martial arts experience. These students validate my coming from the other school. The training with Grandmaster is incomparable with anything else I have encountered in the world of martial arts. I realized there is no limit to what can be gained in Grandmaster’s classes. Everyday I look forward to what the training will offer. Though I believe everyone will benefit from training with Grandmaster Safakhoo, I know those with other martial arts experiences will be grateful for the rewarding challenges that they receive from serious training. After two months I realized I learned more than in three years as an instructor in another style of martial art. It’s liberating to know I don’t have to pay for trophies or gimmicks but just remain dedicated to the legitimate martial art Grandmaster Safakhoo teaches. Attending classes at Nabard Academy is something I am pursuing for my own betterment. I no longer feel I have to show off or prove my skills with objects such as medals and belts. I recommend Grandmaster Safakhoo’s school to anyone looking for serious training. If you take a moment and visit the school I believe you’ll see the potential home for a better martial arts program than the average practitioner is accustomed. 

Christy Moulis-Escambia County Corrections Officer

When I began training with Grandmaster Safakhoo one of my main goals was to increase functional strength. I knew my flexibility required improvement but it was the solid demonstration of how I would use the skills Grandmaster is teaching that impressed me the most. I see Grandmaster Safakhoo’s demonstrations exhibit a firm understanding of how each lesson he teaches may be used in a real life situation. Because of these facts I have complete faith in my training with him and my ability to protect myself should I ever need to. Since I began classes a year ago I feel as though I have a new family with the people in the school. The stability I have gained through working on the core strengthening has increased my overall power and flexibility. This is an amazing feeling of empowerment I believe all women should cultivate. Grandmaster Safakhoo has given me the key to my own power, self-defense and a healthy lifestyle. 

Marie Margaret Brady, J.D., M.S., R.D. Registered Dietician and AFAA certified

The purpose of this letter is to encourage an open mind in regards to martial artists branching out from their present training. Luckily I didn’t remain in a closed mind, but moved out from the Korean martial art in which I had a black belt and thirteen years experience. In February of 1995 I began training with Grandmaster Safakhoo. Master helped me see the martial arts with a fresh perspective. The renewal I discovered for an activity I am very passionate about spills into other parts of my life. Even with my previous experiences I feel the training with Grandmaster Safakhoo has made me more technically aware and advanced than before. I can honestly say Grandmaster Safakhoo’s methods of training are superior and more realistic than the tactics of other instructors I have known. Master’s charisma and excitement bring out the best in his other students and myself. If you are someone who loves a challenge and has high expectations of yourself and your abilities then I feel Grandmaster Safakhoo’s instruction will help you meet your goals. It has mine.

Dana Roth Business Entrepreneur

For six years prior to beginning classes with Grandmaster Safakhoo I attained the rank of 2nd degree black belt and became a certified instructor with the American Tae Kwon Do Association. I competed and won World Champion Women’s Division in 1993. In that same year I was awarded Instructor Trainee of the Year and had been a top 10 contender for the past three years. Even in the midst of these awards I was discontented and became hungry for a more challenging and legitimate martial art practice. Within the span of a couple of classes with Grandmaster Safakhoo I knew there was no comparison with other forms of training I had in the past. I can assure you anyone with previous experience in the martial arts will find the competency-based classes to be extremely difficult but rewarding. Grandmaster Safakhoo is always showing faith in my ability to learn his style of training (strategy of survival). I believe any instructors of martial arts should experience the difference within Nabard Academy.

Patty Haley Child Abuse Investigator

I am a hairdresser in a busy salon in Pensacola, and after meeting many of my clients involved in Grandmaster Safakhoo’s training, I decided to look into the classes myself. I wasn’t sure if the classes were something I could do, as I hadn’t even been in any martial arts school, much less attended classes. Four months ago I decided to begin training in Master’s school. Until then I only thought I was in shape, but it didn’t take me long to discover the training he offers challenges my body and mind. I actually feel I am capable of protecting myself. I have discovered the therapy in class sooths me and helps me relieve stress from my day. I am looking forward to each session of training. 

Leann Bauer Dillard’s Hairstylist

I didn’t think I would have the time to start taking Grandmaster Safakhoo’s classes, but my husband was so excited I made time to participate with him. Now I look forward to classes and seeing the friendly faces of the students I train with. My husband and I spend time together making our bodies stronger and we talk about the advantages of our training together. I feel that every class offers another change for the better. We enjoy discussing the new compliments we receive everyday about how much healthier we look. We feel we have finally found a fun interest within our marriage that we are excited about pursuing into the future. This would be a great endeavor for any couple to try together.

Erin Lepre

I came to Nabard Academy as a 21-year-old computer scientist. Growing up, I’ve always been petite—5’1” and under 100 lbs and not very athletic. My greatest fear was knowing that I was weak and unable to defend myself in a life-threatening situation. I also didn’t like the conventional means of exercise such as jogging or gym workouts or other martial arts schools where belts and competitions are important. Since I’ve joined this academy, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my strength and confidence. The kind of confidence I’ve gained here is not the “self-worth” kind of confidence but is instead the confidence in knowing that you can protect yourself. For me, that has been the most important aspect of training with Grandmaster Safakhoo. In addition, I’m now in the best physical shape of my life. The following is a poem I wrote describing my experience: There is a dream I have about a warrior inside of me In the silence of the night’s darkest hour, she rises to face any adversary, any ill-intentioned soul Her movements are fluid until she strikes—her body then iron strong Her resolve like steel For many years, she followed me like a shadow, close and always vigilant It wasn’t until I practiced the art of combat that the warrior and I became one.

Michelle Nguyen Computer Scientist

When I moved down to Pensacola for flight school, I immediately looked for a martial arts school that would be challenging. I considered myself to be in great shape since I was coming from The Basic School, a 6 month infantry-like school that all Marine Officers start their careers with. Nabard definitely provided the challenge I was looking for, allowing me to maintain my level of fitness as well as providing a place for me to extend my martial arts experience. I’ve studied Wah Lum Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and even fencing and found that Grandmaster Safakhoo provides the best instruction I’ve had so far- he doesn’t pull any short cuts in training and encourages his students to realize potential that even they can’t see in themselves.

Aleah Zolenski 1st LT USMC, Student Naval flight officer

Having been a practitioner of the martial arts for more than twenty years I have had exposure to training in advanced techniques of Tae Kwon Do and other styles. I recognized the style taught by Grandmaster Safakhoo provides flexibility and strength training combined with practical self-defense and fighting systems using both unarmed and weapon techniques. As an orthopedic surgeon I am aware of this type of martial art training being extremely beneficial to maintaining the flexibility and strength of the entire body. Because of the reputation of Grandmaster Safakhoo and his school I began training with him in November of 1992. My experience with Grandmaster Safakhoo’s training method has a positive influence on my capability, agility and flexibility, which I am currently driven to maintain training. I believe martial arts could be harmful to the practitioner if the teacher is not aware of his student’s limitations. I recommend many of my patients to Grandmaster Safakhoo’s training for rehabilitation. As an orthopedic doctor I recommend anyone looking for an experienced instructor who recognizes the limitations of his students. I have been training with Grandmaster Safakhoo for over eleven years and have found it one of the best martial art schools around.

Charlie Roth, M.D. Adult Reconstructive Surgery/Arthroscopic Surgery Gulf Coast Orthopaedic Specialists

As a student of the martial arts and after achieving black belt status in two Korean forms and school owner I was looking for a discipline that would enhance my current training. After visiting several training facilities in town I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Nabard Academy and Master Safakhoo. It was obvious from my very first visit that Master Safakhoo was a very dedicated instructor committed to insuring that his students achieve the most out of each session. He has taken a personal interest in me and has helped me to set much higher goals for myself than I originally thought possible to. Grandmaster Safakhoo’s conditioning training, which combines use of weights and weapons has increased my stamina, flexibility, reflexes, and dexterity at an accelerated pace. His no nonsense approach has helped me to focus on my efforts in ways that allowed me to achieve excellent results and round out my martial arts training. I would highly recommend the Nabard Academy and Grandmaster Safakhoo to anyone serious about getting the best training available in the area.

Steve Del Gallo General Contractor The Steve Del Gallo Company

I learned of Grandmaster Safakhoo and his school through the body building coach at Cory Station where I was employed. I had trained in the past for three years in a martial art having achieved black belt rank. With that came a knee injury requiring surgery. As I met Grandmaster Safakhoo I found it to be the most rewarding training I had ever undertaken. As a retired Army Officer I have minor disabilities from the various activities as Army career brings and having been a participant in many sports arthritis is ever present. My training with Grandmaster Safakhoo has been very beneficial with regard to keeping me mobile. The really important aspect of Nabard is that it is real! Real from the standpoint that forms, drills, techniques and the spirit have such apparent applications in a self-defense situation. There is no question that they will be effective. It is such a relief that his style of training does not involve belts and trophies. The only reward is a sense of accomplishment.

Alfred J. (Pete) Bender III Retired Army Officer

We as humans are the product of what we have thought, said and done yesterday. Some think that it is someone else’s fault that they have not fulfilled their dreams and expectations. The truth is we are responsible for the positive or negative circumstances we find ourselves in. When we decide to take the nearest parking place to the department store entrance, ride the shopping cart instead of walking, mount the escalator instead of climbing the stairs we rob our bodies of the god given right to function in optimum health. When we migrate towards the junk food or gobble down the ill advised second helping we open the door to a lifestyle allowing the intrusion of old age into our lives. For two years I drove by the Nabard Academy thinking I need to check this place out. What kept me away? What was my problem? My friends said, “You are sixty-five years old, act your age, you are too old for such an aggressive lifestyle.” It was my decision to make. One afternoon I stopped at the academy and met Grandmaster Safakhoo. I noticed he is a man of patience with an intense desire to improve the life of seniors. He offers many years of experience in physical fitness as well as rich knowledge in a realistic form of self-defense. These attributes bring the senior to a new confidence with a youthful attitude and a realization of healthy living again. To me The Nabard Academy is the perfect place to shake off the dark thoughts and stiffening joints of old age. 

Stan McKibbon Insurance Adjuster

I am a sixty-one year old female with a job demanding a lot of responsibility. I enjoy my job but the limitation of my physical activity and the amount of stress I encounter I decided I needed to make efforts to improve my level of activity. A gym wasn’t able to provide the challenge I wanted. Two employees recommended the Nabard Academy. I have been completely satisfied with the experience. Nabard offers the challenge I need while Grandmaster Safakhoo is always demonstrating patience and understanding as he takes me through the difficult levels of training. It is without hesitation I can honestly say Grandmaster Safakhoo and his school is giving me the experience I needed in regards to fitness and stress reduction. I think everyone should at least look into training with Grandmaster Safakhoo to see whether or not the school would be to their advantage. More than not I think people would see it as a wonderful addition to their lives.

Virginia Williams Senior Level Administrations

Although I am in good general health I’ve never participated in organized sports. My title business holds offices throughout northern Florida, causing me to travel and lead a generally sedentary lifestyle. I discovered Grandmaster Safakhoo’s classes through an article in the news journal. After having trained with Grandmaster Safakhoo for only a few short months my flexibility improved and my arthritis is diminishing. I feel as though I have discovered the fountain of youth! In addition to losing weight my coordination and stamina are improving all the time. I am sixty years old and I am finally striking a balance between the stagnant lifestyle of business and the healthy lifestyle of activity and youth. Everything Grandmaster Safakhoo explained to me about his style of training is proving accurate. I would recommend his training to anyone engaged in a stressful occupation. He is a genuine professional instructor who adapts his program to people of all ages and capabilities. 

Falcon Sellars Lawyers Title Agency of North Florida, Inc.

My name is Scott Holland and I am 51 years old. I have been a member of a local fitness gym for approximately 15 years. Ten years ago I read an interesting article in the “Life” section of the Pensacola News Journal about Grandmaster Safakhoo and the Nabard Academy. I kept the article and told myself that I would call Grandmaster Safakhoo. Well, years passed and I never called. I have been in the Pensacola area since 1981 and I have had my own architectural firm for the past 21 years. I love my profession but at times it can be very stressful. My gym membership, which entailed lifting weights and cardio exercises, was beginning to lose its appeal and I was feeling that it was not doing enough to combat stress. Two months ago I went into my study at home and pulled out my old venerable copy of the PNJ article regarding Grandmaster Safakhoo. I re-read the article and decided right then and there that I would call Grandmaster Safakhoo the very next day. That day was 18 May 2004. I have since studied and trained und Grandmaster Safakhoo for two months and have noticed a vast improvement in my coordination, dexterity and my ability to cope with stress. Of course, the training in self-defense is a bonus that is both enjoyable and improves your self-esteem. I look forward to writing another testimonial in ten years because I am positive that I will still be training under Grandmaster Safakhoo. 

R. Scott Holland, AIA, Vice President Heffernan Holland Morgan Architecture, P.A.

As a busy professional with a family, like so many other people, I caught myself in a routine in life that had become unfulfilling and lacked the mental stimulation that my career once offered. To put it quite simply, I was bored with the direction my life was heading! I found myself becoming short tempered with colleagues, clients and family members and wondering why I did not enjoy my life the way I once did. The missing link was a new challenge mentally and physically. I first learned of Grandmaster Safakhoo's school from his internet site. Martial arts was something I always wanted to learn. I quickly found out that Master's school offered so much more than learning a new "art". His unique style of Nabard is both physically and mentally demanding. I spent hours in the gym each week prior to joining and was very hesitant about giving that up, but after a very short period of time I found going to the gym to be very boring compared to the experiences I have now. You find out very quickly Taking on a new endeavor such as this was intimidating at first, after all, I had no idea what to expect. My anxiety quickly subsided after experiencing the methods that Master uses to train each individual based on their unique physical capabilities. I now find my strength, agility, speed and flexibility improving on a weekly basis. I find myself much more aware of my surroundings and able to deal with stressful situations easier. I highly recommend Master's Nabard training for people of all walks of life and any age. 

Richard T. Boyett, MD Family Practice Physician

I joined Nabard Academy in 1998. I have a Master's Degree in Sports Science and prior to becoming an attorney, I coached Women's Basketball at a collegiate level for seven years. As a former high school and college athlete, I had maintained a rigorous workout schedule from which I was gaining less and less spiritual and emotional satisfaction. I was looking for a way to focus my effort and drive. At Nabard Academy I found not only the challenge, but more importantly the camaraderie that I had enjoyed in my years participating in team sports. A friend of mine convinced me to look into Nabard Academy. I observed both a group class and an individual class. I also listened to Grandmaster Safakhoo explain his philosophy and methods of teaching and was extremely impressed on a personal level, as well as a professional level, with his knowledge and approach. I decided I would get much more out of the individual class. I have been privileged to study among some of the finest martial artists in the country. I have risen to the level of senior student and instructor by following the same advice that I give to all new students: make the commitment, believe in yourself, and, above all, have patience with yourself. The positive learning environment created by Grandmaster Safakhoo allows the student to enjoy his or her own achievements, and also to appreciate them even more by sharing their knowledge with less experienced students in an atmosphere of humility and respect. The physical benefits of training in Nabard are apparent almost immediately. The joy and the benefit of being part of a true art form build slowly over time and are immeasurable. 

Michelle Inere- Attorney

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