To learn about yourself, your environment, and how to fight back efficiently; train with us.

Classes start at 5:30 am. Register at your convenience.


  • A place to grow
  • Freedom to fullfill your potential
  • Support to achieve your goals
  • Realize who you are as a person, a martial artist, and an elite woman.


Nabard For Women

Personal safety has become the greatest factor in determining the quality of a woman’s life. As a woman, You want to fight back!

For decades, women of all ages have trusted Safakhoo’s training method to defend them in a violent situation. Nabard provides you with the most practical and realistic way to use the strategies needed to survive. Start training with us to discover your inner power to stand up for yourself and family, and keep violence from casting a shadow on your life.

If you are considering learning self defense, you may have already experienced a violent crime or you have honestly asked yourself, “What would I do in a violent situation?” Perhaps you have realized that having a gun or any weapon may not be the self-protection you need. You may never have time to reach for the weapon at the crucial moment.

Fear of violent crime has been changing the way women live. As a woman, you are aware that assaults such as beating, stabbing, rape, or murder can happen to you as it has happened to many others.

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